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beautiful outdoor curated picnics

Take advantage of the gorgeous scenery here in Corpus Christi and celebrate outside! Every picnic we create is completely customizable by you, so you can add all the details you need to enjoy your special moment.

Don't Stress About the Details

— choose a picnic

Find the package that suits your occasion and book it directly through our website. You can choose from a wide variety of days and times.

— perfect the details

Select from our add-ons to personalize your Corpus Christi picnic with items like balloons, flowers, macaroons, fondue, and more. You can even add on a themed date night for an extra-special event!

— enjoy your moment

We deliver and set up all of your selected picnic items, and when you’re all finished, we clean up and put them away! You get to enjoy a stress-free, outdoor picnic experience unlike any other. 

Curated Just for You

each picnic is customized to your occasion!

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Book Your Perfect Picnic

A Simple 3 Step Process


Select any themes and add-ons (additional guests, hours, etc.)

Select Date, Time, Location, AND COMPLETE 50% NOn-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT

Simple from Start to Finish

we travel to your location, set up, & clean up!

“My boyfriend set up a surprise birthday gathering for myself and my closest friends. We pulled up to the spot on the beach and I was immediately taken aback. The whole setup and display was absolutely breathtaking! The team at The Perfect Picnic thought of everything. They had a mimosa bar and an array of snacks. We took the best pictures and made a lot of memories together. 10/10 recommend”
“My finance planned this picnic for us about two weeks in advance. Everything was 100% kept a secret from me and planned by himself with the team from The Perfect Picnic. When we showed up, the setup was amazing. I couldn’t believe all the amazing details of the food, the drinks, and the games for us to play. I loved everything about this experience and I recommend this setup for everyone. We took the most amazing photos and had more wonderful memories together. I recommend this to everyone looking for a unique gathering. The experience was 100% magical.”
“My boyfriend set this up without my knowledge and it was literally the most thoughtful gift a girl could ask for. Everything was so detailed and awesome. The whole evening was romantic and we recommend The Perfect Picnic to everyone looking for a unique experience.”

The Perfect Picnics

for Your Priceless Moments

no stress, no packing, no clean-up: just enjoy your picnic!

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